For 20 years in the global market for electrical and electronic products, Indusul is a Brazilian manufacturer of dry-type, single and three-phase transformers, with two plants in operation in Brazil, one of them in Santa Catarina and the other in Minas Gerais.


Established in many countries and based in Tokyo, Japan, Tamura is a company with about 90 years of experience in the global electronic components market. In 2012, it started its production in joint venture with the Tamura Corporation Group of Japan, in order to increase its participation in the global market and develop its business.


Tamura Indusul believes that the success and consolidation of any business is the result of reliable and timely supply of products and services, at a fair price and guaranteed quality. It currently has two plants installed in Brazil: one in Massaranduba, in the north of the State of Santa Catarina, a region that is considered as an important Brazilian centre of electric machines and metal-mechanical industrial park; the other one is located in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, in the State of Minas Gerais, in the region known as “Valley of Electronics”. This location gives Tamura Indusul an important logistical advantage, next to the main industrial centers and consumer markets.

Complete solutions in the area of low and medium voltage grids, aiming at meeting the most diverse needs of our customers.

National reference in terms of management, organizational structure and quality.

Tamura Indusul has a long-standing commitment to quality in all its products and services.

Every equipment we manufacture is tested in our own laboratory. Routine and type tests are carried out to ensure its quality.


To operate as a company in the cycle of material processing in electrical equipment and industrial solutions, offering products at competitive prices and adequate services, in order to improve the industrial environment.


To be a company of excellence in the production and marketing of products and services, contributing to social well-being, technological development and the environment.


Establishment and sequence of the principles of total quality, seeking the growth and aggregation of values in the activities performed by the company. Constant dialogue, providing mutual understanding through the practice of good professional and business relationships. Constant development of our employees, products and services. Union and harmonisation, providing a pleasant environment that enhances the human being. Special emphasis and spread of the importance of ethical and moral values in professional and commercial relationships. Use and enjoyment, with respect and parsimony, of the advantages and benefits of self-development and growth, applying the resources for the benefit of everyone. Profit, ensuring survival and growth, with social and environmental responsibility.

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