The quality and reliability of our products, as well as the competence and commitment of our employees, are the factors responsible for strengthening our brand in the market, offering solutions for the most diverse segments.

ISO 9001

ISO aims to approve international standards in all technical fields, such as technical standards, country classifications, standards of procedures and processes, and others. Additionally, it promotes the standardization of companies and products, in order to maintain permanent quality.


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an organization founded in 1894 in the United States, that certifies products and their safety. It is one of the companies approved to carry out safety tests for the federal agency “US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)”, which has a list of nationally recognized test laboratories.


The European Certification (EC) indicates that Indusul products follow the European Union quality standards. This seal also indicates that our products can be sold within European territory, as they have observed a number of parameters that meet the European Union standards.


CRS10874 - It certifies that the products identified, imported and commercialized, have been evaluated in accordance with RESOLUTION 90708 OF AUGUST 30, 2013 (RETIE) and updates ISSUED BY THE MINISTRY OF MINING AND ENERGY OF COLOMBIA (ARTICLE 20.25 TRANSFORMERS)


Tamura Indusul is registered and homologated in the main concessionaires and large consumers of electric energy in Brazil.

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The respect for the environment is present at every stage of our processes.

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