The three-phase starting autotransformer was developed to meet the need to reduce current peaks at the start of motors, avoiding high voltage drops in the power supply system.

- Dry-type insulation, suitable for sheltered installation;

- In the standard powers of 5.0 to 400CV;

- For standard voltages up to 600V;

- Provide thermal safety through the use of thermal sensors;

- Mechanical robustness to support the electromechanical stresses related to the starting current of the motors, in the most varied application conditions;

- Connections of easy access;

- Supplied with IP00 degree of protection and a varnish coating, providing robustness in the protection against humidity, dust and corrosion, as well as protection against unwanted noise.

Technical information

Isolation voltage class: 1.1 kV - Voltage applied to test: 3.0 kVrms

Temperature class: F (155°C)

Temperature rise: 100°C

Room temperature: Maximum 40°C, minimum -5°C: average for 24h max. of 30°C

Overvoltage limit: Maximum of 5% (with rated current)

Altitude: maximum of 1000m

The three-phase starting autotransformer has been developed to meet the most demanding technical requirements, when starting motors using a compensating starter key.

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