In the last decade, great progress has been made in the development and enhancement of transformers. The use of high-quality insulating materials and an adequate structural and constructive design of the coils make Residry® Dry-type Transformers an ideal product for applications at high thermal/mechanical stress levels.

- Self-extinguishing and without toxic components;

- Maintenance-free (without insulating liquids);

- Low operational cost;

- Respect for the environment: 100% recyclable, does not cause pollution and does not contain toxic chemicals in its components.

- Resistant to pollution and humidity;

- Superior short-circuit resistance;

- Free of partial discharges;

- RESIDRY is in accordance with IEC 60076-11, in the following characteristics:

. E2 (Environmental);

. C2 (Climatic);

. F1 (Fire resistance).

- Natural or forced cooling, with an option of an increase of up to 40% in nominal power;

- High overload capacity.

The casting system of epoxy resin, with addition of silica (quartz powder), as a mineral filler, and alumina, as well as pre-impregnated insulation, gives ResiDry the most modern features in the world, ensuring important technical concepts and modern aspects for the choice of dry-type transformers:

- Safety: the insulation system is based on a close match of mechanical and electrical resistance, and safety in all respects;

- Supportability: the proper mixing of components improves the mechanical resistance to short-circuit loads, short-term overloads and environmental and climatic effects;

- Optimization: the thermal capacity of the casting mixing allows to reduce sizes, increase power, reduce costs, flexibilize projects and improve capacity to overloads;

ResiDry distribution transformers can be used in various application fields. Here, we describe some possibilities:

- Indoor or outdoor substation units;

- Public locations;

. Hospitals;

. Airports;

. Shopping centers;

. Public buildings;

. Office buildings;

. Factory facilities;

- Special places:

. Naval;

. Mining;

. Subway/Trains;

. Automotive Industry;

. Rectifier applications.

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