Drives technologies for large-sized motors are constantly evolving and dry-type transformers integrate these intelligent solutions, providing drive power at the proper voltage (great use in medium voltage), allowing flexibility in the impedance adjustments, in the achievement of the correct angular discrepancy and voltage ratio, which optimizes the drive operation with a minimum of harmonic distortion in the power supply system.

- Dry insulation, suitable for sheltered installation;

- In the standard powers up to 10MVA and voltage class up to 34.5 kV;

- For VFS up to 12, 18, 24 and 36 pulses;

- Optimized projects, with low losses and excellent heat dissipation;

- Connections that are easy to access and mechanically secure;

- They come with different degrees of protection and a finish in accordance with their voltage class and characteristic of the insulation system, providing robustness in protection against humidity, dust and corrosion;

The multipulse insulation transformers are designed with the intention of providing, in addition to the voltages and lags appropriate to the rectification topology, the compensation of the harmonic currents generated by the technology of the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), reaching levels of THD <5 % and power factor FP ~ 99%, without external filters, meeting the most demanding standards.

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