Transformer for medical use is a special type of transformer and has been developed to meet the most stringent technical requirements of medical IT systems facilities.

- Dry-type insulation, suitable for sheltered installation;

- Special and reinforced insulation;

- With electrostatic shielding protection;

- Thermal protection for monitoring and control;

- Very low leakage current;

- For one or more primary and secondary voltages;

- Optimized projects with low losses and excellent heat dissipation;

- Main application in the voltage adaptation of the facilities and components of the hospital system;

- Fully protected connections against accidental contact.

Technical information:

Isolation voltage class: up to 1.0kV - Voltage applied to test: up to 5.5kVrms

Temperature class: F (155°C)

Temperature rise 100 ° C

Ambient temperature: Maximum 40°C, minimum -5°C: average for 24h max. 30°C

Overvoltage limit: Maximum of 5% (with rated current)

Altitude: maximum of 1000m

The transformers for medical use are applied as power supply sources in medical-hospital plants, facilities and equipments, where quality, reliability and safety are essential requirements.

Single-phase from 3kVA to 10kVA - MEDTEC-1

Three-phase from 3kVA to 10kVA - MEDTEC-3

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